Rodion Turuykhan. Oh, menu!

Download the portfolio of restaurant menus in PDF (7,5 Mb), or in MS Word (5,5 Mb)
Палладиум “Palladium” Club, Odessa, 2007
Main menu of 16 pages, A3 format, paper, cardboard, offset printing.
Why did I make it in such a way? Club interior is emphasized with red sofas. Now they have one more bright detail – the menu.
NB: Pictures of Peter Lindberg and Helmut Newton were used in the menu design.
Палладиум лаундж кафе Lounge café of “Palladium” Club, Odessa, 2010
Main menu of 48 pages, A3 narrow format, paper, cardboard, foil embossing, digital printing.
Why did I make it in such a way? Café was completely restyled and its cuisine became daintier. Café managing director wanted to make the menu in pictures by any means.
NB: White-snow pages with laminated matte film made this photo-menu look elegant and stylish.
Shambala Shambala” Restaurant, Odessa, 2007
Main menu of 8 pages, А3 format, paper, offset printing, reepschnur.
Why did I make it in such a way? I made outdoor photo-shooting at 4 am by the sea with participation of the restaurant managing director (on the cover) and photo-shooting in Kempinski Hotel with participation of a well-known musician and political analyst Boris Khodorkovskiy (2nd page). The menu is decorated with food-related quotations taken from famous literary works.
Олива “Oliva” Café chain, Kiev, 2010
Main menu, А3 format, offset paper, offset printing and digital printing.
Why did I make it in such a way? Concept of menu-template has been used by “Oliva” chain for a long time. Its style was created by another designer. I had to make the menu more legible. I used another layout, drew pictograms for different sections and framed them. No sweat!
NB: First we ordered offset printing of menu-template copies and then we printed the text by means of a usual printer. It allowed us to have ultra-low costs – 3 UA hryvnias per 1 copy!
SOHO “SOHO” Restaurant, Kiev, 2011
Main menu of 14 pages, wine list of 14 pages, А4 format, SOHO designer paper, full-color printing, gold embossing.
Why did I make it in such a way? Sober colors of the restaurant interior and expensive decoration materials were the main reason of choosing such style of the menu design.
NB: This menu design was decorated with antique engravings of 18-19 centuries.
Пикник “Picnic” Restaurant, Odessa, 2008
Wine list, А3 narrow format, textured paper, stamps, wine-bottle labels, foam, digital printing.
Why did I make it in such a way? Restaurant interior was vintage-styled, so the menu was designed in the same style.
NB: Real wine-bottle labels and real stamps were used in this menu design!
Мистер Сендвич “Mister Sandwich” Café chain, Odessa, 2010
Main menu of 40 pages, photo paper, photographic printing, foil embossing.
Why did I make it in such a way? All cafés are located in crowded places with large streams of visitors. Use of photos allows clients to get acquainted with the menu quickly. Decision-making time decreases. Assistance of a waiter is minimized.
NB: All menus were printed in a photo laboratory for the purpose of retaining high quality of food colors. It was expensive, but the quality was above all praise!
Мистер Сендвич “Mister Sandwich” Café chain, Odessa, 2011
Main menu of 32 pages, Japanese menu of 16 pages, full-color printing, enameled paper, matte lamination.
Why did I make it in such a way? Concept of the photo-menu stayed unchanged because the idea was successful and worked efficiently.
NB: Restaurant redecoration was the main reason of changing menu color range.
Базилик “Bazilik” (Basil) Café chain, Odessa, 2011
Summer menu, enameled paper, digital printing, lamination.
Why did I make it in such a way? White color and monochromic pattern give the feeling of coolness, which is very important for hot summers in Odessa. Live and yummy pictures are topical everywhere!
NB: Plain pattern of leaves and flowers — scan of old wall-paper.
Мир Restaurant of “Mir” Hotel, Киев, 2011
Main menu of 15 pages, A4 format, offset paper, full-color printing.
Why did I make it in such a way? Style of this menu renders long history and deeply-rooted traditions традиции of the restaurant.
NB: The menu looked like blank forms and was made up in Word program so that a customer could make changes in the text.
Bounty Beach Club “Bounty Beach Club”, Odessa, 2009
Main menu, B3 format, designer paper, digital printing.
Why did I make it in such a way? This club is located right on the sand of the beach. White fabrics, airy pavilions and natural wood create a very relaxing atmosphere. It’s as simple as ABC! As well as to get easily oriented in my menu.
NB: The club kindly renders a service of renting a motor yacht.
Bounty на луне Club “Bounty on Moon”, Odessa, 2008
Main menu of 6 pages, A4 narrow format, paper, digital printing, lamination, metal spiral binding.
Why did I make it in such a way? When designing this menu I had the main task of making it readable because of insufficient light in the club. Therefore I used column layout, block letters and I placed all prices in a separate column.
NB: Angels and demons playing pranks on the menu pages are also present in the club interior.
Пан-Пицца “Pan Pizza” Café chain, Odessa, 2002
Menu, A3 format, enameled paper, offset printing.
Why did I make it in such a way? “Pan Pizza” Café was located in Deribasovskaya street. Summer, tourists, sailors ... Most guests were in Odessa and “Pan Pizza” for the first time. Therefore I created the so-called “touristic” menu showing all types of pizzas offered in the café.
NB: All pizzas cooked for photo-shooting were eaten up with great relish!
Love-cafe “Love-Café” Restaurant, Odessa, 2006
Main menu of 20 pages, A4 format, full-color printing, enameled paper, lamination.
Motto of this restaurant is “Reveal your feelings”. There are a lot of pictures of star couples in the interior. Love, relationships, mood, lovely trifles ...девиз кафе — «Открой свои чувства». В интерьере множество фотографий звездных пар. Любовь, отношения, настроение, милые безделушки...
NB: All fifty menus have different covers – you can choose your own hero!
Восточная веранда “Vostochnaya veranda” (Oriental Terrace) Café, Kiev, 2011
Main menu of 22 pages, A4 format, enameled paper, offset and digital printing, lamination, gold foil embossing, silver foil embossing.
Why did I make it in such a way? Oriental zest with a rich color range in the interior goes well together with the menu designed by me.
NB: First we planned to make a photo-menu with photo-shooting, but in the process of menu designing the photographs didn’t fit well into the style. But the final result turned out to be more gorgeous.
Итальянский дворик “Italianskiy dvorik” (Italian Patio) Restaurant,
Main menu, A3 format, offset printing, newsprint paper.
Why did I make it in such a way? As a rule in Italy the visitors of outdoor cafés spend much time reading a fresh newspaper and drinking coffee. As the menu had a lot of small blocks I chose the newspaper-type layout with plenty of advertisements.
NB: The menu was printed in a great number of copies, so the clients could freely take these menus with them.