How to make good cafe menu


Hello and welcome to this website where you can find out how a real high-quality menu should look like.

Why am I so confident about this?
The answer is quite simple! I’ve been into professional menu designing for more than 10 years. At first I was in the team of “Resta” Company based in Odessa — a large company running a restaurant chain. That period of time was a really good school for me. Then I felt it was high time for me to start my «solo swim».

Why will you benefit from me?
I know how to do it. I can take good pictures of food, I am a reasonably good designer and I go into all details about translation of gastronomic terms. I am not an advertising agency and I am solely responsible for my work.

When shouldn’t you come for my help?
In the first place, when you are absolutely sure in your knowledge and you have enough time to spend it elbow to elbow with any other designer chosen by you. In the second place, when you have an exact sample of some menu and you want to erm … copy it. In the third place, when you do not care much about the result.