Rodion Turuykhan. Oh, menu!


Main stages of creating a good menu


Creating a design-concept of a menu
When developing a concept of a menu you have to remember about two main ideas: a menu should be in line with a restaurant style and atmosphere and a menu should sell! The best support is a large collection of menus from different restaurants. You can clearly see mistakes and successes of other people.

Gastronomic translation of a menu into English
If you do not want to make a fool of yourself, avoid using dictionaries as they do not have any context. You can rarely find decent translation of any gastronomic term in an English dictionary, because many terms were borrowed from French and Italian cuisine.

Professional photography of dishes and drinks
Do not take pictures in a studio, it doesn’t have a good kitchen and all restaurant food cannot be delivered to such studio in its fresh and original condition. Do not take pictures in a restaurant kitchen area – you can’t provide it with good lighting. The best decision is to take pictures in a restaurant itself – this area usually has natural light, so the food will look also more natural in the pictures.

Organization of printing menus
If you want to make a menu a little bit more attractive than a full-color laminated printed variant sewed by a binder, you will need an integrator (a kind of advertising agency) at this stage of work. Instant print shops usually do not render such complex services as embossing, die-cutting and UV-lacquering. For sure it is possible to give printed blanks to post-print workers, but in case these blanks are spoiled, repeat printing of all menus will be your sole responsibility.