Rodion Turuykhan. Oh, menu!


Some boring facts

I was born and grew up in Russia. I have a Russian name and Yakut surname which can be translated as «white crane blood». Siberian white crane is a red-legged crane which migrates to Japan for winter. About 10 years ago I probably flew in the wrong direction and found myself not in the land of the rising sun, but in Odessa — the city veiled in romantic mood. I don’t know why Odessa has been attracting so many talented writers, artists, musicians and poets at all times. But now, living in Kiev, I realize that I will always remember that time spent in the city beside the sea with love and gratitude. I hope my works can reflect that part of my soul soaked with salty sea water drops and red sun.

Rodion Turuykhan

Three postulates of a perfect designer:

  • Do not try to be over-original; just make a good job of it.
  • Good design can be noticed at once. Perfect design is imperceptible.
  • Rules can be broken but they shouldn’t be ignored.